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Sun Lite Metals has been servicing the greater Los Angeles area for over 30 years. Our goal is to make recycling scrap metal as simple and efficient as possible. We are conveniently located just south of downtown Los Angeles and close to several nearby freeways making for a stress-free, quick, and easy recycling experience. Your satisfaction is our first priority which is why Sun Lite is your #1 choice for scrap metal recycling.

Our Operations

Scrap Metal Purchasing and Recycling

Sun Lite Metals purchases all types of scrap metals. We process both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap in our yard. Our boutique facility provides an environmentally friendly atmosphere allowing Sun Lite Metals to easily manage all grades of public, peddler, and industrial scrap commodities.

Sun Lite Metals is proud to purchase and sell the highest quality scrap iron, coppers, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and high-temperature alloys.

Sun Lite Metals – Who We Are

It’s Who We Are

Whether you have a little or a lot, an individual recycler or industrial manufacturer, we offer the best way to recycle your metals and alloys. We strive to provide excellent customer service allowing a fast and friendly experience with the highest rate of return. If you cannot come to us we will come to you. Our goal is to offer impeccable service while providing top prices for your metals and alloys. In short, we take of business and we take care of you.

Sun Lite Metals – Sustainabilty

Sustainability and Environment

Sun Lite Metals is committed to ensuring that recycling remains a convenient and viable solution for our communities and our planet. Recycling allows us to reuse materials many times over while conserving natural resources. Creating the products we use in our everyday lives while thinking of the next generation.

Recycling Guide

Recycling Made Easy

With over 50 years of combined scrap industry experience, you are one phone call away from the answer you are looking for. If one of our experts can’t help then they will guide you to someone who can.

Top Prices Paid

Why settle for less? Sun Lite Metals offers the highest prices for metal in the Los Angeles area. In the ever changing world of commodity pricing, you can feel comfortable that our pricing is spot on and accurate. We use state certified scales providing an extra level of accuracy so you know you are getting the most correct return for your recycled products.

Pick-Up Services

We even offer convenient pick-up services for much of Southern California. We have free containers for your scrap. So call us for more information and to schedule your next pick up. No amount of metal is too large for us to consider.

Metals and Products We Purchase

Aluminum • Brass • Copper • Stainless Steel • High Temperature Alloys • Iron • Insulated Copper Wires • Starters and Alternators • Electric Motors (Whole or Shredded)

State Certified Weights • Containers Provided At No Cost • Industrial Pickup Services

Sun Lite Metals Location

Sun Lite Metals

2210 East 85th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90001

Tel: 323.581.7772
Toll-Free: 800.529.7772
Fax: 323.581.0806

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